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Book Review: Love at First Plight by Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell

Love at First Plight by Amanda Giasson and Julie B. CampbellThe Book

Title: Love at First Plight

Authors: Amanda Giasson & Julie B. Campbell

Series: Perspective

Next book in series: Second Wind

First published: February 19, 2015

Formats: print, ebook

Format I read: ebook (second edition)

The Gist

Love at First Plight is the first book of the young adult/new adult fantasy fiction series called Perspective. It’s set on another world called Qarradune, where there are at least a couple of countries we get to know – Kavylak and Syliza.  Throughout the book, we follow the two main characters, Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva.  Megan’s an 18 year old from Earth who has absolutely no idea why or how she landed on Qarradune.  Irys is the same age (I think) and was raised in extreme privilege in Syliza, which is a country that gave me the impression of being like a cooler and more mystical version of Victorian England.  Syliza had a group called the Knights of Freyss keeping things in order, while Kavylak – a country that I think is their enemy…or at least they don’t have a high opinion of each other – has a group called merely the “Warriors”.  The Warriors give a much less neat and orderly impression, they had more technology and were much more badass. The whole thing starts when Megan finds Irys, who had been enslaved by Kavylak’s Warriors. Megan trades her own freedom for Irys’s and then the story just seems to unfold in about every possible direction you don’t expect.  Nothing is as it seems on Qarradune.

What I Liked

I enjoyed the neatness of the writing of this book.  I liked that it was written from the perspectives of Megan and Irys – alternating from one chapter to the next – and that they both strongly felt like different people.  I liked the Warriors a lot.  They really had me trying to figure out what was up with them.  At the same time, I still liked the Knights.  I was expecting them to be a bit too “knight in shining armor” and to roll my eyes and gag a lot, but they managed to be very cool despite the fact that they’re good guys.  This is definitely a fantasy story, but I enjoyed that it wasn’t so hardcore fantasy that it would forced me to memorize an encyclopedia of names and families and details.  I know that’s what a lot of people love when they read, but I personally liked that this book gave me enough information that I could keep up with the world and the people, without swamping me with a lot of unnecessary additional stuff.  Still, the description was solid and I could always get a really clear picture of everything in my head.  I could see this being an awesome movie.

What I Didn’t Like

There wasn’t too much I didn’t like about this book.  I think the thing I liked the least about it was that it was a cliffhanger and a pretty heavy one. I didn’t read this one until the second book was already out, and I do intend to read Second Wind, but I can see that I would have been very frustrated if I’d had to wait a long time to find out what would happen next.  If Second Wind has a cliffhanger as killer as this one I might have to write a nasty letter to the authors 😉  I also didn’t like Imery Godeleva.  There’s something up with that guy.  I just know it.  Anyway, if you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll see I gave this book a 5-star (out of 5).

What do you think?

Have you read Love at First Plight? What did you think of it? What do you think of my review? What should I read next?

Please feel welcome to share your own comments, likes, and dislikes about this book and this review!


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